About Us

Culina Designs was formed by a group of entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the designing, manufacturing and bringing of innovative, high quality and ingenious products to the global marketplace.

Our aim is to simplify and solve everyday problems found throughout the house.

Our Patented Sealabag product securely, simply and cost effectively seals all types of bags, from large waste and rubbish bags to small freezer and sandwich bags.

Our patented Germbuster Bin incorporates a built in ultra violet light, producing ozone that kills bacteria and germs that thrive in discarded rubbish, so eliminating smells and preventing the spread of germs.

We also look to streamline aspects of cooking with our Colandish product. This innovation saves time and effort in the kitchen, allowing cooked food to be put straight onto the table, in a stylish way, thus reducing the time and effort involved.

We are based in the South of England and are partnered by a well known and well respected international distributor with many years experience of marketing high quality household products worldwide. This partnership, combined with our close and ongoing relationship with an award winning product design house, ensures that our products are not only state of the art regarding style and practicality, but are supplied efficiently and effectively throughout the world.